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Here are the benefits to selling to mail order catalogs:

Speed to Market
Mail Order is one of the fastest ways to market a product. Catalogs work mostly 3-6 months out when selecting products; whereas retail is typically 6-18 months in advance to get a product on the shelf.

Single Item No Problem
When approaching retail distribution, vendors typically need a “full line” of products to get their foot in the door. With mail order, catalogs will evaluate individual products, so single-product-companies can succeed.

Very Low Risk
Most mail order catalogs do not charge for advertising or product placement. It is a great way to test to see if your products will sell with relatively low risk.

No Fancy Packaging Needed
Stores require packaging that will stand out and attract customers. In catalogs the ad copy is what sells the product. By the time the customer sees the product and packaging, they have already bought it! A brown box or polybag is sufficient for catalogs.

Big Market
Today consumer mail order sales are estimated at over $360 Billion per year. Many people thought the internet would do away with mail order. In fact the internet has increased catalog sales! There are over 2000 mail order catalogs in the US.

National Exposure
Catalogs offer exposure to millions of potential customers. When your product appears in a recognized catalog, your product and your company enjoy instant credibility and visibility. This exposure could be a lead in to Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

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